Concept designer pieces made in Portugal, inspired by the most beautiful elements of natural and human landscape and conceived in a freethinking spirit. We work so the aesthetic concept of our pieces reflects it’s inspirational element, never forgetting the standards of functionality and quality that the XXI century requires.

We strive to provide a unique and innovative experience by creating exclusive pieces that fit perfectly into the atmosphere of any home, restaurant, hotel or any other space in which you wish to bring concept to life.

The throughout the years’ acquired wisdom of our artisans, together with the bold and groundbreaking ideas from our designers, give birth to a fascinating new world of art and excellence.

Sense is a design studio that operates in the field of product design and interior design. We develop products for the most varied areas such as urban projects, residential projects, commercial centers, hotels, among others. You can choose unique products or a project as a whole.

Moddi is a brand that sells mattresses and rest accessories online. Focused on comfort and customer service, it provides the best solutions at very attractive prices.


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