You can trust us to delegate the design and execution of a comprehensive project for the decoration and equipment of (Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Geriatric and Student Residences) and the Home sector, carrying out com- prehensive housing rehabilitation projects.

At BUK CONTRACT you will find your ideal partner, where our specialists offer all the solutions for the contract sector.


We elevate the concept of hospitality to its pinnacle of comfort and relaxation for our clients, with utmost pride and professionalism from our manufacturing, carpentry, and design teams. We make it possible to transform even the most ambitious architectural and design projects into reality, intervening in all areas of interior design and infrastructure, from exterior carpentry, such as wooden pergolas, railings, ceilings, and walkways, to the interior, encompassing all types of furniture, fixtures, and decorative elements.

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Our layout proposals are presented according to each client's ideas and needs and tailored to the interior space to be intervened, aiming at optimization, organization, and functionality of each área.

We develop all Design ideas and details, present materials and finishes, or advise on these choices based on the client's expectations. This type of intervention allows adding value to your property.

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The usual search for balance in the project often manifests itself in contrast to the element of surprise. Accepting both opposing extremes enriches the quality and variety of creative solutions in the project. The harmony of all elements composing your business space will provide your clients with a complete and unforgettable experience.

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Shopping Centers

Being a public space with a large quantity and diversity of people and different businesses brings us an even greater challenge regarding its technical complexity, security, sustainability, and user satisfaction. As in all cases, we approach these projects with great seriousness and commitment, executing all strategic points to ensure the perfection of our work.

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Events & Fairs

Design is for everyone, by everyone, and is present in everything in our lives. In this way, through our regular presence at international decoration and design fairs, we aim to share a part of our identity with everyone, creating connections and a closer relationship with our partners and clients.

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Design Projects

Our team's essential point is providing personalized support for each requested project. The creative and technical development of each product or project we undertake is conceived in collaboration with our client. The ultimate focus is their complete satisfaction with the final product presented. We have a well-rounded team of designers and technical draftsmen who work alongside architects, cabinetmakers, and carpenters, ensuring that every detail is meticulously analyzed before execution.

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Online Store

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The online store is currently under preparation and will be unveiled soon.